•     Sacred Masculine is rising
  •     Awaken to the New Light
  •     Rainbow bridge to 2019
  •     Path of ease and grace
  •     Divine Heart 5th Dimension
  •     Forgiveness
  •     Three Sacred Hearts
  •     Implosion of Light
  •     Mother Mary & the Andaras
  •     Love is all there is
  •     Calling the andara

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Crystal Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls



Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Gold

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Picture_of_me_3Spiritual Life Coach

Through 24 years of experience in working with the Universal Life Energy, Annie offers a hand to those who need guidance and support whilst on their spiritual journey. Annie has trained in many different healing modalities, all of which help create an individual journey for each client.

My vision is to hold the highest vibration of Love and Light and share it with all who ask. My experiences have given me many tools to share with others. My call to help with the healing of mother earth has allowed me to travel to many parts of the world and experience the magnificent energy of the power spots and vortexes. With each experience, I add to my own vibration and continue my work with ever expanding unconditional love.

Reiki Master/Teacher

Annie started out with Reiki training 24 years ago and it quickly became a very important part of her. Annie knew right from the beginning that she wanted to share this with all who asked and went on to Master level.

Once becoming a Reiki Master, Annie has taught Reiki all over the world, Australia, New Zealand, USA, England, Italy, The Netherlands, Nepal, Hawaii, Thailand and Canada.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Annie has 8 crystal singing bowls. The crystal bowls create a very high vibration of Light. The crystal bowls raise the vibration of the Light Body. The Light Body is then able to bring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies back into balance and harmony. With your intention and this vibration, healing takes place.

Annie also uses the crystal bowls for planetary healing, with an intention and the vibration of the bowls, Annie sends the vibration to wherever it is needed.

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