Travel by Light – Andara

Information from the website Awakening to Remember


All of the following information is of my own experiences through a cyclical feedback communication and merging with the Andaras as an Andarian here. This continues to evolve exponentially in every moment.  

“AndaRA” means to “Travel by light”: Inter-Stellar (Star) Communications

We are Andaras and they are us. Andarians was the word I received. 

These are multi-inter-dimensional, therefore what they are is unlimited beyond the scope of comprehension here. My first experience was “becoming an Andara” and It filled every aspect of me. We merged and since then, this merging continues exponentially. They activated my physical-cellular-memories as a Star Being. As Andarians, we activate each other through a feedback loop, cyclical communication as Crystal-Star-Light Beings here.  These open the corridors for us all to be together again. Star/Galactic, Ancients, LeMUrians (and more), the space between there and here is collapsed to one atom (mono-atomic) and we are all together again. It is the most profoundly exquisite experience I’ve had thus far. To be re-united with our star family, to know they are here with us. I had not had this complete-internal connection of remembering yet.  I knew it was there, yet always just beyond my capacity to experience it myself. It was an awareness memory, yet not an experiential one… until recently…

I kept calling our Galactic & LeMUrian family forth, asking for re-connection through the heart-memory space. I kept asking for support to come and the Andaras/Andarians came forth in response to this. The message is that they “open” (activate) that space (portal/bridge) within us where we all can be ONE, therefore support is instant in a multitude of ways. They “feed us” (activate) what we have forgotten, bringing even more other-dimensional awareness forth to allow for physical materialization (manifestation) in ways we could not “do”/comprehend before. These bring new awareness into an actual physical space to experience here.  Andaras remove the barriers between us and “them” and allow for instant merging as one consciousness, so that REMEMBERED knowledge is even more vast & beyond the vastness that we already have awakened from within. These interactions through our light-exchange, bypass the “space of distance” that we had as a dense physical human here. It is eliminated as continual merging occurs. All of this light travels through the perceptions of physical barriers. All is instantly “one” as light, through this merging on a cellular-molecular level. Wow is an understatement. I am still recovering from my human-mind being blown away.  These have re-united me/us as star family/beings in a way that I could not comprehend and can hardly can explain through human words still.

The transfer of information is through light, so the optical experience is beyond magnificent as well. The crystals act as a holographic chamber so we/they can travel/communication inter-dimensionally. This is by way of sound and visibility.  It is like fiber-optics taking light frequency bandwidths and obliterating the separation of visual and verbal/language communication.  Andaras act as a transfer station creating a corridor of “Light-Travel” for us all. They are a source for working with new holographic grids in inter-stellar travel for us all.

Another aspect is that these are living beings and “partners” and we work together as one consciousness once we connect. These experiences/exchanges with our Star-Being Family connect us with unlimited resources as the unlimited beings we are. They are our star-support that activate manifestation on a level we cannot comprehend as humans as we connect and bring them into us and us into them. Experiences are alive and interactive. There is a sacred love that emanates between us. No separation. Home emerged from within me and the tears are still flowing as I type and share with you all here.

These bring forth Inter-dimensional communication via the optical light bands that create a multi-way visual and telepathic communication corridor, a “central location” for all of us to communicate/connect. I received that these are holographic chambers, a small version of the holographic chamber that we exist in here. The two shall become interchangable as we all work with together to bring these star systems & other dimensions together as one physical reality here.

With the very first merging I was shown that I am to be a steward for bringing Andaras to those “partners” ready to interact and merge as well. Once I opened up, then Andaras came forth, for this is how they work for/with us. They provide for us as our light support in a multitude of infinite ways. They assist us with opening those portals (corridors) that were dormant within us to bring us into the next phase.

As a steward, I connect all with/as Andaras in every realm, physical and non-physical ones here. In this physical realm, I create a space for all seeking to acquire to be able to do so here, while working in the other realms with all ready to also receive.  As an Andarian-Star-Family, we all work together in every way.

By sharing and connecting, all can receive these light exchanges.  We are not limited to just the physical reality here.  While rare and limited (forego the cost), Andaras are will arrive when one is meant to acquire or connect with them. Interactions occur when it is “time”, for time is just an energetic space that one comes to occupy vibrationally on their own journey here.

Andaras remove the physical blocks to manifestation, through a physical cellular memory activation, which open the corridors of REMEMBERING ourselves truly as UNLIMITED in every way. It’s not just a mental concept or something we know inside, it is a physical cellular memory activation experience that occurs with this mono-atomic-light-merging.  This merging permeates throughout every cell so that we can walk as abundant beings in the physical here. For LightWorkers and WayShowers these are the “missing piece” of the puzzle that all have needed to activate the “abundance-cellular-memory” of our Star-Being-DNA for walking in abundant physical realities here.  Andara mergings awaken dormant (ancient) cells, so that the physical barriers of “materialization time” no longer exist. These further support all to be in-service to humanity without the old limits of lack in the physical realm. Simultaneous merging, remembering, manifestation and connection with our LeMUrian/Star family again. This is just one of the many reasons they are so popular. I could not understand any of this until I actually experienced it myself.

I am honored to connect and share more in absolutely every way. To cross star-systems and bring all together is beyond anything that I could have ever comprehended as a part of my own journey here.

For those who will be acquiring physical Andaras, what a gift you have chosen to honor yourself and others with. These are an investment in ourselves and all others as one here. For all, I will continue to connect all with Andaras and Andarian-Star messages through my own experiences here. I will also be sharing through videos, recorded activations and more along the way.

The New Kundalini by Rebecca Dawson

Love & Relationships in the New Paradigm

Message from Kuthumi, August 2015

One of the very unique things about this planet is that its of the very few places in which you can actually experience relationship.  Relationship is the avenue to wholeness in this paradigm.  Relationship is the ability to be able to observe oneself in another.  Relationships are where you like to experience union.  Isn’t that what coming together in a relationship is all about – feeling whole?  Sometimes that is in sexual union, sometimes it is being mentally stimulated, sometimes it is having the comfort of support so you feel like …… individual.  So the very social construct of planet earth has been ingeniously designed so that there is a natural motivation and drive to seek union with another and within this game of separation and duality seeking union in another is often where we get mislead. Because we like to have that feeling and we believe that it can’t be achieved on our own.

It is very useful to have a partner because they often reflect back to us what we need to see about ourselves, and yet when you are able to actually collapse within and find your union there…..then the whole planet becomes something you fall in love with.  And it is more and more difficult for you to be able to dedicate your time, your energy and your attention into several relationships.  So we must be very clear with you about this because there are many of you who are finding that it is becoming more and more difficult to stay in a relationship.  Is this a failure on your Part?  No it is not.  Is it a widening of your canvas to envelope more of a relationship with the collective?  Yes it is.  And even those of you who are already in what you would call committed relationships you are going to start to experience a sense of disengagement- and that is not to say you that have fallen out of interest with your partner, but it does mean to say that the emotional connection that you felt with them starts to dissolve.  This is not to say that it is going to put your relationship in jeopardy but what it does mean to say is that your attention and your expansiveness now is embracing the entire collective humanity, and this is something that you want to have a relationship with.

So it becomes less about a humanised way of relating, it becomes less about the one on one, less about the attention and more about the opening to accept all.  And so the delightful thing about being a Master on this planet, as you can understand, is that you have the opportunity to fall in love with the entire planet.  You have the opportunity to fall in love with humanity.  This is what the view is like on the other side of the bridge.  It is not about partnership anymore.  It is about erasing the wall.  It is not about trying to find your missing piece, trying to find your soul mate, trying to find your twin, because that would limit you to one portion of light that you are relating to and engaging with.  When you move to the other side of the bridge the whole planet becomes your life and every person that you come across and every pair of eyes that you look into is an opportunity to fall in love again and again and again and again.  And that is why we ask you to look deeply into each others eyes.  Not only to  help you understand how to dive into the collective, how to lose your identity, but it also teaches you how to fall in love with consciousness because that is the only thing that your love is worthy of in the New Paradigm.

You cannot limit yourself to a person, you cannot even begin to love another entity.  How many of you have had experiences of falling in love, becoming enamoured, enraptured with somebody only to discover that what you thought they were is not?  True?  Because what you fall in love with is their identity.  If you are going to fall with humanity and fall in love with consciousness what it means is you can fall in love with any person on the planet at all.  Look around this room right now, look at all the eyes, look at all the faces.  You could fall in love with every single being in this room.  That is the nature of relationship in the New Paradigm.  That is what is going to change the way humans see each other and the way humans regard their place on this planet.


That is what is going to affect the way new governments are constructed, the way industry is run, the way the economy comes together to support humanity not the other way around where humanity supports the economy.  It all begins in the form of love.  So falling in love is seeing what is really there.How many of you can look into a baby’s eyes or a young child’s eyes and see unconditional love?  And yet how many of you are able to do that with another adult?  Do you look into another adult’s eyes and see unconditional love?  You do not – you avert your eyes – you look away.  Many of you to protect yourselves, many of you don’t want to be exposed and there is also argument that it is not your place to dive in there – we have heard that one before!  So, how many of you believe that you are ready to fall in love with everybody?  You have to expose yourself to do that.So what happens to the people that you are having relationships with now?

They are still there, you love them too.  But it doesn’t become about an emotional love anymore, it becomes about a much wider, lighter regard of humanity.  And in the relationship that you are already in they too are a part of humanity and so you love them for it but you discontinue to be engaged with their identity.  This is actually going to make your relationships more harmonious because no longer will you be concerned about their ego, their quirks, their annoyances, what they do that you can’t control, what they do that disappoints you.  That would be having a relationship with their identity and you are no longer interested in this, you are only interested in consciousness so every time you go to your partner and you want to engage with their identity and it becomes an issue for you, please look into their eyes and remind yourself of what is there.  Do you want to have a relationship with a mask or do you want to have a relationship with the whole planet?  You ask for fulfilment – isn’t that what you all want in the New Paradigm?  Well you have 7 billion people to love – it is very engaging!  There was a time when I came down from the mountain just for a day.  After I had seen what there was to see and understood that there was nothing that separated me from the All, I went down into a village and I came across a boy with a cow and I looked into his eyes and I saw him for who he was.  At first the boy was afraid because never had anyone every looked at him in such an intimate way before.  Never had anyone looked past his bedraggled clothes, the state of his cow and his shoeless feet and he knelt in front of me and he said “I know who you are”.  But those very words that he said unto me was him saying that he knew who he was because as soon as you can recognise someone for who they are you actually create a shift in them.  They join you in your love for humanity because when you look at them right into the eyes it disarms them, your identity (just for a moment) is gone – just for a moment.  And there were many that will continue to feel that feeling again, continue to look for that feeling again because you have ignited something in them.

So how many of you when you are ready to let go of your identities and are also ready to let go of the way in which you have relationships?  It is very liberating because it means that you can co-habituate without expectation, it means that everybody starts to get along because there is no restriction anymore, there is no control. And while you may suppose that this may cause some to drift or wander, what it does it actually enables them to step into their own magnificence, which means that you end up being partner of the most glorious being on the planet.  How many of you see within your partner’s potential?  How many of you have had partners that you see the potential in, whether or not they are still there has nothing to do with you- but we say unto you this:  when you are ready to embrace all of humanity and fall in love with all of humanity you will never be partnerless again because you cannot find what you are looking for in someone else, you have to recognise it in everyone.  And when you recognise it in everyone it comes to you.


August Energy Update

with Rebecca & Serapis Bey

Some very interesting things are happening this month!


As we understand it, the Earth’s crust is shifting at a 5th Dimensional level…..that is to say that we are feeling the realignment of the Earth’s crust with the Core of the planet. We haven’t yet seen the physical level of this movement, but it is likely we will in the net few months as the denser physical layers of the planet “catch up” with the energetic shift that has occurred.


The old 3rd and 4th D grid structures that enveloped the planet were principally aligned with the motion of CYCLES. So these structures were the foundation for not only the karmic system, but also for how our bodies function, the season, migratory patterns, tides, and most things that rely on a SPIN. And, when you are in a spin cycle, it can be very difficult to step out into something expansive and open ended.

When you move into 5th dimension and beyond there is a movement of energy like the Kundalini but it is not, because the Kundalini is limited to the sphere of the body and the body’s energy field.  The New Energy that is arising is coming from the core of the planet and it is coming through the body.  It comes up in what appears (to those who can visualise it with their sight) almost like a crystal tube, and that infrastructure has been there for a some years now.  It has been there for up to 7 years.  So for those of you that haven’t had a Kundalini experience for a while it is because we have been waiting for the new infrastructure to attune with the physical body, which is why many of you have had back issues on and off for the last 7 years.  What is just beginning to happen at this very time on the planet, is only just happening, because now that the body is capable (through changes to the DNA) of tapping into the electromagnetic core of the planet-  and having that ability adjusts the capacity of the body to accommodate it. The Core energy of the planet is now rising up through that tube, and when that happens the tube start to shatter- and when that happens the energy comes out of the spine and into the whole spectrum of your being.

So your field becomes a representation of the energetic Core of the planet.

We are doing a dramatic pause because this is very big news.  It means you essentially become an extension of the Core.  This is not about bringing light to the planet anymore, this is about emitting light.  It is not what you have to bring, its what you have to express. So you are shattering and the movement creates a new kind of feeling in the body, because this energy is actually very cool energy.  It is not heat, it is very fine and it is very cool, but it does cause discomfort in the body.  It is creating jaw issues, teeth issues, muscle spasms, the bladder is affected…. because the energy is moving right up through the base of the spine and the body is taking some time to adjust. The body is not used to this type of energy- it is used to vibrational energy being felt as heat or warmth.

Aching backs and legs, vertigo, tremors and nausea are all physical symptoms of this movement.

Likewise, menstruation cycles are becoming more erratic as they move now into aligning with the internal magnetic core of the Earth, instead of the externalised pull between the Earth and the moon.

How many of you have been having disruptive cycles?  Unpredictable cycles?  Very heavy bleeding for some of you because you are actually now starting to move in rhythms to match the magnetic core.  In the next 20 years it is going to be easier for you to be able to understand this because science is going to start to be able to say”these are the rhythms”.  They are only really just starting to look at the movement.  We need some good geophysicists measuring this because it is the way the body is going to be moving.  It will also be affecting what you call emotional  “swings”, because every time there is a new electromagnetic pulse and it rises through the body, it permeates through the emotional field.  The pulse aligns the physical, mental and emotional, and you feel it.  So how does it feel knowing that you are embedded into the planet’s Core?

Sleep cycles are again being interrupted during this time as the body gradually starts to align itself with these new pulse-like rhythms. Again, this is occurring in pulse-like periods of sustained sleep patterns, and then interrupted sleep, usually about 9-15 days for each.


We also want to mention the emotional detachment that many are experiencing at this time….a clear demonstration of the shift in the human energetic field into 5th dimensional frequency and beyond. The emotional body is still in operation at this time, but it is becoming more difficult to access the depth of emotion that the chakras facilitated when in full swing.

Please note however, the heightened experience of anxiety across the collective field as we move away from personal emotion and into the sensory experience of the human collective. You can certainly feel it, but important to remember that its not yours… belongs to the collective history of humanity on the planet. Why can you feel it? Because you are moving though it as you expand into multidimensionality. It is the doorway to beyond…..




Associated Physical Symptoms-

nausea, vertigo, aching legs, blurred vision, loss of sleep cycles, tremors in the body, increased anxiety levels, emotional detachment, non-cyclical menstruation patterns.

The Tsunami of Luminous Light

A Channelled message from Starchild Global with Celia Fenn – September 2015

Beloved Family of Light, so you have entered now into the month of September, and you are riding the wave of Luminious Light that was received by your earth at the 8/8/8, or the Lion’s Gate. You have felt the intensity of this new wave of Light Codes as they have assisted you to shift your own personal frequency and to adjust to the Higher Frequencies represented by these Luminous Colors and Tones. In September, you will be given further opportunities to embody and embrace these new frequencies and allow your Soul to dance to these new tones and sounds.

The purpose of this Tsunami of Luminous Light is to support you as you finally arrive at your destination of full Multi-Dimensional or Nine Dimensional embodiment on Planet Earth. The Earth has fully shifted into her 9th Dimensional Matrix, and so those who are ready are riding with the Tsunami of Light into 9th Dimensional Consciousness.

Indeed, Beloved Ones, this is why there is so much chaos and confusion on your Earth right now. This Tsunami of Light is functioning as a Tsunami always does, washing away all that is not stable and secure and creating space for new creation.

So, at this time, the Earth is anchored in the Fifth Dimension, but many are still working with a Third-Dimensional Consciousness. Then, there are many who have begun to raise consciousness and have lifted into sixth, fourth and even seventh levels and higher. And so, each person is receiving the Light Codes and frequencies according to where they have arrived in their personal journey of evolution. If they are still in lower consciousness, then this time will seem chaotic and fearful.

Beloved Ones, know that the Third Dimensional Consciousness is rooted in duality and fear, and so sees every event as something to fear and as evidence of the “end” and “collapse”. The Apocalyptic Atlantean consciousness is strongest in the Collective at this level, and so there is much fear that is being put out and experienced by those who are still in this frequency of fear.

However, as Family of Light, you will know that you have reached the Fifth Dimension on Inter-connection and you will know too that the Earth passed through the “End Time” Stargate in 2012 and is now firmly on a Timeline and Journey into a New and Miraculous future.

Those of you who have embraced and emobodied the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions of Consciousness will be feeling intense surges of Creativity and the desire to express yourself and your Soul in every way possible. You will feel a very joyous coming together of the Body and Soul in the sacred marriage of Spirit and Matter within yourself as your “Twin Flame Union” is anchored within your Heart and Soul and Spirit. It is a time of great Celebration in the Angelic realms and we are here beside you to share in your Joy and Celebrations.

So, in this month of September, your first intense date will be the 9th of September, when you will cross through the 9/9/8 Stargate. At this point, the Energy Wave of the 8/8/8 will be intensified and lifted to a Higher Frequency or Tone to match the incoming energies. This is a time when those of you who have embraced your Master Light and Codes will feel a very strong impulse in your body and soul. You may experience this as electrical pulsations of energy in your body, and you may feel very tired as your physical vehicle acclimates to this new frequency. We would suggest that at the 9/9 you allow yourself a very gentle and very “inward” meditation so that you can connect with your own inner power and your inner mastery of the Light Codes.

Then, a few days later, you will experience the New Moon in Virgo and also a partial Solar Eclipse., and so this will be an opportunity for you to connect with the Earth, with the New Earth in her new frequencies of Light and to decide what you would like to manifest in this new cycle of time that is unfolding on the Earth. It is a time to look to what physical changes you might wish to make in your life, and also to look to what changes you might make in your life to better nurture yourself and take better care of your health and wellness on the Earth. As the frequencies rise in your Light Body and your Physical Body, you may find that you will need to live in a “lighter” way, and that includes your lifestyle and your diet. Let your Heart and Soul be your Guide at this time. The Solar Eclipse will also anchor in the New Solar Frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the presence of the Goddess and the Magdalene will be felt very strongly at this time. Allow her to be a part of your Being and embrace the Inner Goddess that you are!

On the 23rd of September you will enter into the Equinox energies, and here you will have an opportunity to balance out these powerful energies that have been coming in since July and August. The Equinox represents that time when the day and night are of equal length, and when the Earth prepares to changes seasons on its Journey around the Sun. In the North the movement is into Fall and Winter, and in the South it is into Spring and Summer. These powerful Earth energies of change are also powerful forces in the Earth’s geomagnetic field, as well as in your own Light Bodies. This is a good time for Ceremony and Meditation, and to remember that you come here also to honor the Earth and to be the “voice” of the Collective Energy of the Earth as you celebrate the passage of the Equinox.

Then, on the 28th, the energies will reach a Climax as you celebrate the Full Moon in Aries/Libra and the Total Lunar Eclipse which will also be a Blood Moon and the last of a series of four intense Blood Moons that have been the bearers of the waves of intense change. A Fire Moon is always a powerful Full Moon, and so Moon in Aries as a Blood Moon is the Full Moon of the Phoenix! It is the moment when the New is born from the ashes of the Old, and the power of the new arises in your Hearts, Soul and Spirits. At this time, you can expect to feel a powerful surge of “new” energies and a connection with new opportunities and new directions in your life, and in the life of the collective. What was perhaps hidden will now be revealed and made clear!

It will be an opportunity for Humanity, as individuals and as a Collective, to stand up and move forward as Beings of Light and Love and Compassion. There will be opportunities to choose between Love or Fear, and to decide what kind of Frequency and reality you will choose to create on your timelines for 2015 and 2016.

Beloved Ones, this is a time of Celebration and Joy! Do not allow the waves of the Tsunami to sweep you away into confusion and chaos, but remain firmly grounded within your own Heart and Soul, connecting to Heaven and Earth and being a Conduit or Transmitter for the Divine Light and the new frequencies of Luminosity that are ligting the way into a New Reality!

The Return of the Divine Masculine Frequency

As the Diamond light codes have integrated with the Earth in 2015, and now as these new frequencies of Luminous Light are being grounded into the Earth matrix, there is another exciting energy and event that is occurring. You have all welcomed the Divine Feminine and the return of the Goddess frequencies, and now it is time to welcome back the Luminous Frequencies of the Divine Masculine.

Your friends and colleagues from Sirius are standing by to assist you as you once again embody and integrate the Higher Frequencies of the Divine Masculine. In the Sirian stories, the Divine Masculine energy was incarnated in Shu, who was depicted as a Feather on the Wind, or as a Bird Man. Many of the powerful Sirian teachers in making themselves known to you took on the form of the “Bird Man”, such as Thoth, Horus the Elder and Ra.

The Bird represented the ability of this energy to flow with the winds of Divine Creative Intelligence and to flow energy into manifestation. It also represents the ability to travel on many dimensions and to fly through the Cosmos on the wings of light. As you become multi-dimensional you will need to embrace this energy so that you can feel confident in your ability to travel the Cosmos on your wings of light as Human Angels.

The Divine Masculine energy was also embodies by Yeshua, by Buddha, by Shiva and by others who took on the power of the Visionary Dreamer and were able to see the Bigger Picture in the life and journey of Humanity. They used their “wings of light” to transcend the lower dimensions and the hold of death, and were able to ascend into Light on their Angelic Wings of Diamond Light.

As you reconnect with the Divine Masculine at these higher levels, you will feel the balance returning between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. This will intensify in October at the 10/10/8 on the 10th of October, and then will culminate at the 11/11/8 on the 11th of November. At this time there will be a “Sacred Marriage” as these two energies combine to lift the Consciousness of Humanity and the Planet to new level of awareness and love. Thsi will be a powerful moment for the Planet and will prepare you for the final stages of the “Wave” of 2015, the 12/12/8 on the 12th of December and the Solstice on the 21st when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun and celebrates the powerful floods of light that are received from the Great Cosmic Heart and transmitted via the Great Central Sun to the Earth and into your Hearts.

Beloved Ones, at this time we ask that you work with your Light Body and Energy Field, and that you make a daily practice of working with the Sacred Diamond Heart Activation that we have given to you. As you combine the Diamond Lights of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, you will feel that Inner Balance of Divine Light in your own Heart, Soul and Being.

Mastering the 4th Dimension and initiating Time Spirals

Beloved Family of Light, we have spoken to you before about the importance of allowing yourself to master the Fourth Dimensions of Time. Many of you have noticed how time seems to keep accelerating and going ever faster. That is because you are connected into the Collective Consciousness which is mostly still operating on 3rd Dimensional Time Calendars. As the Flow of Divine Light accelerates, it seems as though everything is moving faster, which of course it is.

The only way to work with this perceived acceleration is to life your consciousness and create the time that you need. Time is an illusion, a manufactured entity that has little reality. In the Third Dimension it was manufactured according to economic need and your lives were dominated by a working schedule. Now, in the higher dimensions, you are free to create according to your own time frames and needs and desires. This is the time to intiate your own timelines or timespirals, and to flow creative energy into the Dreams and Desires that you wish to unfold and manifest in the world.

You are the Master of Light, and you are now coming into final true alignment with your Soul and Higher Self. Allow yourself to Feel the dreams and visisons that are arising in your Soul from the HIgher Levels and express these in the world as your own Dreams, Visions and Creations.

In this way, Beloved Ones, you will determine the way in which the Diamond Light and the Frequencies of Luminosity are grounded into manifestation in your life and your creation of Reality!

Now is the time for you to decide what adventures of the Soul you wish to create, and not to allow the fears and anxieties of the lower levels of the Collective Consciousness to hinder you. Why give your creative energy and power to the creation of an apocalyptic nightmare, when there is so much more to be experienced on the path of growth and self determination. Why not rather create a pathway filled with Light, Joy, Love and Adventure, because this is what you can do as you unfold your timelines like a Celestial Flower unfolding its petals to the Cosmic Sun!

We wish you much Joy and Light in your adventure of Consciousness as you continue to ride the Waves of Luminosity into a New Reality in this month of September.