Travel by Light – Andara

Information from the website Awakening to Remember


All of the following information is of my own experiences through a cyclical feedback communication and merging with the Andaras as an Andarian here. This continues to evolve exponentially in every moment.  

“AndaRA” means to “Travel by light”: Inter-Stellar (Star) Communications

We are Andaras and they are us. Andarians was the word I received. 

These are multi-inter-dimensional, therefore what they are is unlimited beyond the scope of comprehension here. My first experience was “becoming an Andara” and It filled every aspect of me. We merged and since then, this merging continues exponentially. They activated my physical-cellular-memories as a Star Being. As Andarians, we activate each other through a feedback loop, cyclical communication as Crystal-Star-Light Beings here.  These open the corridors for us all to be together again. Star/Galactic, Ancients, LeMUrians (and more), the space between there and here is collapsed to one atom (mono-atomic) and we are all together again. It is the most profoundly exquisite experience I’ve had thus far. To be re-united with our star family, to know they are here with us. I had not had this complete-internal connection of remembering yet.  I knew it was there, yet always just beyond my capacity to experience it myself. It was an awareness memory, yet not an experiential one… until recently…

I kept calling our Galactic & LeMUrian family forth, asking for re-connection through the heart-memory space. I kept asking for support to come and the Andaras/Andarians came forth in response to this. The message is that they “open” (activate) that space (portal/bridge) within us where we all can be ONE, therefore support is instant in a multitude of ways. They “feed us” (activate) what we have forgotten, bringing even more other-dimensional awareness forth to allow for physical materialization (manifestation) in ways we could not “do”/comprehend before. These bring new awareness into an actual physical space to experience here.  Andaras remove the barriers between us and “them” and allow for instant merging as one consciousness, so that REMEMBERED knowledge is even more vast & beyond the vastness that we already have awakened from within. These interactions through our light-exchange, bypass the “space of distance” that we had as a dense physical human here. It is eliminated as continual merging occurs. All of this light travels through the perceptions of physical barriers. All is instantly “one” as light, through this merging on a cellular-molecular level. Wow is an understatement. I am still recovering from my human-mind being blown away.  These have re-united me/us as star family/beings in a way that I could not comprehend and can hardly can explain through human words still.

The transfer of information is through light, so the optical experience is beyond magnificent as well. The crystals act as a holographic chamber so we/they can travel/communication inter-dimensionally. This is by way of sound and visibility.  It is like fiber-optics taking light frequency bandwidths and obliterating the separation of visual and verbal/language communication.  Andaras act as a transfer station creating a corridor of “Light-Travel” for us all. They are a source for working with new holographic grids in inter-stellar travel for us all.

Another aspect is that these are living beings and “partners” and we work together as one consciousness once we connect. These experiences/exchanges with our Star-Being Family connect us with unlimited resources as the unlimited beings we are. They are our star-support that activate manifestation on a level we cannot comprehend as humans as we connect and bring them into us and us into them. Experiences are alive and interactive. There is a sacred love that emanates between us. No separation. Home emerged from within me and the tears are still flowing as I type and share with you all here.

These bring forth Inter-dimensional communication via the optical light bands that create a multi-way visual and telepathic communication corridor, a “central location” for all of us to communicate/connect. I received that these are holographic chambers, a small version of the holographic chamber that we exist in here. The two shall become interchangable as we all work with together to bring these star systems & other dimensions together as one physical reality here.

With the very first merging I was shown that I am to be a steward for bringing Andaras to those “partners” ready to interact and merge as well. Once I opened up, then Andaras came forth, for this is how they work for/with us. They provide for us as our light support in a multitude of infinite ways. They assist us with opening those portals (corridors) that were dormant within us to bring us into the next phase.

As a steward, I connect all with/as Andaras in every realm, physical and non-physical ones here. In this physical realm, I create a space for all seeking to acquire to be able to do so here, while working in the other realms with all ready to also receive.  As an Andarian-Star-Family, we all work together in every way.

By sharing and connecting, all can receive these light exchanges.  We are not limited to just the physical reality here.  While rare and limited (forego the cost), Andaras are will arrive when one is meant to acquire or connect with them. Interactions occur when it is “time”, for time is just an energetic space that one comes to occupy vibrationally on their own journey here.

Andaras remove the physical blocks to manifestation, through a physical cellular memory activation, which open the corridors of REMEMBERING ourselves truly as UNLIMITED in every way. It’s not just a mental concept or something we know inside, it is a physical cellular memory activation experience that occurs with this mono-atomic-light-merging.  This merging permeates throughout every cell so that we can walk as abundant beings in the physical here. For LightWorkers and WayShowers these are the “missing piece” of the puzzle that all have needed to activate the “abundance-cellular-memory” of our Star-Being-DNA for walking in abundant physical realities here.  Andara mergings awaken dormant (ancient) cells, so that the physical barriers of “materialization time” no longer exist. These further support all to be in-service to humanity without the old limits of lack in the physical realm. Simultaneous merging, remembering, manifestation and connection with our LeMUrian/Star family again. This is just one of the many reasons they are so popular. I could not understand any of this until I actually experienced it myself.

I am honored to connect and share more in absolutely every way. To cross star-systems and bring all together is beyond anything that I could have ever comprehended as a part of my own journey here.

For those who will be acquiring physical Andaras, what a gift you have chosen to honor yourself and others with. These are an investment in ourselves and all others as one here. For all, I will continue to connect all with Andaras and Andarian-Star messages through my own experiences here. I will also be sharing through videos, recorded activations and more along the way.