Planetary Healing


How it began.

During the year of 2006 Matt and I were aware that things were changing in our lives. The way we worked with the universal energy was moving and we felt that it was time to expand ourselves and move into a different vibration . In September 2006 we decided to retire from our previous occupations and we told the universe that we were open to whatever we were called to do.

We had arranged to attend a seminar in Mt Shasta, California USA, and so we felt that this was a good time to start something new. We had absolutely no idea what would come our way, we just knew that something would, and so we left Australia in absolute trust that we would be shown our path. We met up with 30 other people for a seminar on our star lineage.

There is a beautiful crystal shop in Mt Shasta called “Middle Earth”, they have the most fantastic crystals and it is like hobbitville, lots of little nooks and crannies. Wonderful.

At the very back of the shop is a room filled with all sizes and types of crystal singing bowls and lemurian crystals. We were fortunate enough to be given a meditation session with Scott (a very wonderful human angel). I was wearing my favourite crystal around my neck – moldavite – and during the meditation and bowl playing my moldavite starting vibrating around my neck and I received the very clear message that whatever bowl he was playing, I needed it. So when he finished that segment I said to Scott, “I don’t know what that is you are playing but I need it”. He just smiled and said OK.

I went back into meditation and was shown how Matt and I would use the bowl. I was shown that we would use it to transmute lower vibrational energy around the planet, wherever we travelled and used the bowl, it would transform energy to the higher vibrational energy of healing and unconditional love. I saw us standing by lakes and mountains with our hands touching palms up, calling in angels and masters to help us and then playing the bowl, sometimes also toning with it. I was so happy and came out of the meditation smiling. Matt looked over at me and said “You already know what we are going to do, don’t you!” of course I said “Yes”.

I then asked Scott what type of bowl is it and he told me that it was Moldavite. I was so extremely happy, I know that I have a special connection with Moldavite. I have been working with the crystal for a number of years and using it for my own transformation, it has the most powerful and beautiful energy. And it is a stone that moves things very fast, so to find a bowl with moldavite was like a dream come true for me.

We had found a bowl with a tone of F Sharp, which Scott told me was for the upper heart, so very appropriate. We ordered it immediately and it arrived two days later.

When we went to pick the bowl up, the owner of the shop was there and I told her the story about how it had come about. She then asked us to come into another room and have a look at a very beautiful crystal. I have never seen one like and it was so special. She asked us to look into it while she slowly turned it around.

Afterwards she asked us what we had seen, I had seen stars and universes and Matt had seen mountains and forests (very appropriate really as I am a Starchild and Matt is an Earth keeper). She then played one of the larger bowls and when she stopped she said that she had been told to offer us a special initiation with the crystal bowls to help us with our work. We felt so honoured and naturally accepted.

The next morning we went back to the shop and she had created a circle with 11 different crystal singing bowls, we sat on the outside and she sat in the middle.

The initiation was in three parts – the first was to connect us and mother earth. The second was to connect us and the community and the third was to connect us and the universe. The whole process took around one hour and it felt absolutely amazing, we were transported off into another dimension where the angels and masters gave us gifts and messages to help us on our journey. We felt so much gratitude that we had been given this gift.

We know that the bowl found us and we use it every day for planetary healing, whether at home or while we are travelling. We call in the masters and angels and ask them to take the energy either to specific parts of the planet, communities or the animals and plants of the earth. There are many ways to use the energy of the bowl.

With love, light and laughter

Starchild and Merlin